May 30, 2024

United Airlines Holdings CEO Scott Kirby Email Address, Salary, and More

United Airlines, Inc. is one of the largest airline service companies in the world. The company headquarters is build at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. The Company’s CEO and President’s post is currently headed by Mr. John Scott Kirby. He became CEO of United Airlines in the year 2020 in the month of May. He joined United Airlines in the year 2016.

Prior to this, Mr. John Scott Kirby was working with US Airways and American Airlines as President. He was trained as an aircraft pilot at United Air Force Academy. If you are looking for Mr. Kirby’s contact information, this section is for you. In this section, we have provided contact information about CEO of United Airlines and information about his financial credentials like salary, net worth and more. Let’s move on to the details!

Scott Kirby
Scott Kirby, Photo Credit: United Airlines

Email Address

To contact United Airlines Holdings CEO Scott Kirby, please write to him at this email address: Your suggestions and words are welcomed and will be reverted at the earliest.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

You may also contact Mr. Scott Kirby at his Office address. You can use the given mailing address for sharing and sending your feedback or other types of correspondence with him. Please take a note of the address of United Airlines Headquarters: 233 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60606, USA.

You may also contact Mr. Scott Kirby on his office phone, please take a note of United Airlines Headquarters Mainline: (312) 997-8000.

Net Worth

As per the updated information furbished as on November 2020, the total net worth of J Scott Kirby is approximately $22.7 million dollars.


The total compensation received by Mr. J. Scott Kirby as CEO and President of United Airlines Holdings, Inc. is $16,779,485. The given total compensation includes the salary $875,000, bonus $1,378,125, stock options $9,700,000, Stocks worth $4,593,876 and other types of compensation $232,484. The financial credentials provided here are on the basis of data submitted for the fiscal year 2019.


About his education, Mr. J. Scott Kirby did his Bachelor’s degree in computer science and operations research from the United States Air Force Academy. He did his Master of Science degree from George Washington University in operations research.


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