June 15, 2024

U.S. Bancorp CEO Andrew Cecere Email Address, Phone Number, Salary, and More

U.S.Bancorp is a leading financial holding company in United States. The company headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. The company is one of the largest banking institutions in the US and is under fine leadership and execution of its CEO Mr. Andrew Cecere.

Prior to the post of CEO, he has also assumed different leadership roles within the company like the role of COO, Vice Chairman and President which he is still continuing with. U.S Bancorp is listed with NYSE with symbol USB; if you are interested in company’s stock you may follow the symbol. If you are looking for contact info about CEO Andrew Cecere, further in this section you can refer the similar contact info like address, phone, email, salary and more.

Andrew Cecere
Andrew Cecere, Photo Credit: American Banker

Email Address

Mr. Andrew Cecere has been heading the role of company’s CEO and Chairman since year 2018.  If you wish to contact him, you can send your request or concern by email. Please take a note of the official email of Mr. Andrew Cecere: Andrew.Cecere@usbank.com.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

You can also get in touch with CEO Andre Cecere by mail. Here we have given the mailing address of Mr. Andrew Cecere’s Office location. Please take a note of U.S. Bancorp headquarters address: 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

To get in touch with him, you can also try calling him on office phone or leave a message for him. Please take a note of the corporate office phone line: (615)466-3000.


As U.S. Bancorp CEO, Chairman and President, the total compensation received by Mr. Andrew Cecere is $12,071,403. Let’s take a look at the breakup of this total compensation amount: $1200000 as Salary, $2718900 as bonus, $8100000 as stock awards and $52503 as other types of compensation.

Net Worth

The approximate Net Worth of Andrew Cecere as per the data furbished as on November 2019 is  $43 Million dollars.


About his education, he did his undergraduate degree from the University of St. Thomas at Minnesota. He did his MBA from The Curtis L. Carlson School of Management.

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About U.S.Bancorp

U.S.Bancorp is a leading holding company that offers financial services like banking, mortgage, investment, trust, payments and more to individual customers, financial companies and business organizations (public and private).


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