April 20, 2024

Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie Email Address, Salary, Net Worth, and Education

Spirit Airlines, Inc. is one of the leading American ultra-low-cost airlines in the US. The headquarters of Spirit Airlines, Inc. is based in Miramar, Florida in the Miami metropolitan area, US. This airline company is currently under able leadership of CEO Mr. Edward M. Christie III, more commonly known as Mr. Ted Christie. Mr. Christie embarked on his journey at Spirit Airlines in the year 2012 in the role of Senior Vice president and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Before working with Spirit Airlines company, Mr. Christie was associated with Pinnacle Airlines Corp where he was acting as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. His previous experience had made him proficient in managing several portfolios of the business at the same time. Are you curious about Mr. Christie’s contact details? Learn more about him such as his email address, Salary, Net worth and education in the coming sections of this article. Here we go.

Ted Christie
Ted Christie, Photo Credit: Spirit Airlines

CEO’s Email Address

If you want to share your concerns or discuss on some important matters with the CEO of Spirit Airlines, you can reach out to him at ted.christie@spirit.com.

Being the CEO of the largest “Ultra Low Cost Carrier”, or ULCC, in the US, Mr. Christie receives hundreds of emails per day. It would be a very kind gesture if you could refrain from sending any unimportant emails.

CEO’s Salary

Please take a note that the financial credentials mentioned here are according to data filed for the year of 2020.

Mr. Christie began functioning as Chief Executive Officer of Spirit Airlines in the year 2019. Until financial year of 2020 he made $2,591,445 in total compensation out of which, he received $638,750 as a salary, nothing as bonus. He received $1,921,116 as stock award and $31,579 from different compensation.

CEO’s Net Worth

According to the updated data info submitted as of 30 July 2019, the total net worth of Mr. Christie is minimum $7.43 Million dollars.

CEO’s Education

Mr.Ted Christie has always been enthusiastic about working with airline companies. He started his airline career 19 years ago with frontier airlines and grew his expertise in this industry ever since. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from University of Arizona. He had graduated in the year 1992.


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