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Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey Email Address, Salary, Net Worth, and More

Coca-Cola Company is a world famous multinational beverage corporation. The headquarters of Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The major operations of Coca-Cola Company involve manufacturing, retailing, and marketing of nonalcoholic beverages all over the world. The company is under successful execution of Mr. James Robert B. Quincey. Mr. James Robert B. Quincey was appointed as CEO of the company in December 2016.

Prior to Coca-Cola, he worked with Bain & Co. He began his work journey with Coca-Cola in 1996 and was appointed at many different and executive roles within the organization. In August 2015 he became chief operating officer (COO) followed by the post of President of the company in the later year and CEO in year 2016. In this article further you can read more about his salary, educational credentials, email address and mailing address. Let’s get to the details!

James Quincey
James Quincey, Photo Credit: Coca-Cola Company

Email Address

For general inquiries, please connect with Coca-Cola Customer Care Team. If your concern is not resolved properly you may reach CEO James Quincey on email. Please note down the CEO Email Address: We suggest you to not send regular or general complaints to him. You can expect a quick response on urgent and priority matters on this email.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

Mr. James Quincey is a busy business personality, so it is not possible to mention his personal mailing address, however we are providing his Official mailing Address here. Please note down the Mailing Address of Coca-Cola Headquarters: One Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta GA 30313. We suggest you to use the given mailing address to get in touch with him or his office only for important matters.

You can also connect with him or his office at official phone number 404-676-2121 to get a quick response to your concern or to leave a message for him.


As CEO of Coca-Cola, Mr. James Quincey receives $16.7 million as total compensation. This total compensation include base salary of $1.45 million, stock awards worth value of $7.4 million, stock option awards worth $2.2 million, $5 million as non-stock incentive payments and $568,000 as other compensation.

Net Worth

Let’s take a look at the Net Worth of Mr. James Robert Quincey. He is one of the highest paid CEO’s in the world and has a net worth of approximately $49.8 million dollars. This is as per data filed for February 2020.


Coming to Educational background of Mr. James Quincey, he did his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Liverpool.

Article first published on December 16, 2020.


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