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Fannie Mae CEO Hugh Frater Email Address, Salary, Mailing Address and Net Worth

Federal National Mortgage Association or popular with its short name Fannie Mae is a leading financing for mortgages company in United States. The headquarters of Fannie Mae is located in Washington, D.C. Mr. Hugh R. Frater is the current CEO Chief Executive Officer) and Director of the Company.  In this section you can get a brief about his career journey and his Net Worth and other important details.

Beginning with his career, prior to CEO, Mr. Frater served as Interim Chief Executive Officer at Fannie Mae in 2018. He became the Chief Executive Officer of Fannie Mae in March 2019. He was also appointed as the company’s independent director in the year 2016. Furthermore in this section, you can read about his total net worth, compensation received, email and mailing address. Let’s explore the details!

Hugh Frater
Hugh Frater, Photo Credit: GlobeSt .com

CEO Email Address

You can quickly share your important matters with CEO Mr. Hugh R. Frater via email. Please note down the official email address of CEO of Fannie Mae: hugh_frater@fanniemae.com. Please do not post unimportant or irrelevant matters or mails at this address.

If you have a important concern or suggestion to make or if you have complaint regarding company’s services which are not responded to appropriately at customer care level, please use the given email address. You can get in touch with company’s customer support team for other general queries and information.

CEO Mailing Address

You can also get in touch with CEO Mr. Hugh R. Frater by sending your concern at his mailing address. We do not have his personal mailing address details, but you can use the given headquarters address as mailing address of company’s CEO. Kindly note down the full contact address of Fannie Mae Headquarters: 3900 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016 United States.

You can use this headquarters address to send your queries and concerns or to send any other important correspondence to CEO Mr. Hugh R. Frater. Please use the given CEO mailing address only for important official correspondence.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Hugh R Frater is $797K dollars. He holds over 10,000 units of VEREIT stock worth over $470,880. The financial info stated here is based on data as of May 2017.


The total compensation received by Mr. Hugh Frater is $671,104 for holding the position of Fannie Mae CEO and Director.

Article first published on November 23, 2020.


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