June 16, 2024

Kellogg CEO Steve Cahillane Email Address, Salary, and Net Worth

The Kellogg Company or simply Kellogg’s, is a famous multinational food manufacturing company. The headquarters of Kellogg’s is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States. The company’s CEO position is held by Mr. Steven A. Cahillane. If you are looking for Mr. Steven’s mailing address, you can refer the contact details in the coming sections. Kellogg’s is a publicly listed company and can be traded, to see its listings at NYSE, you can follow its stock symbol K.

Mr. Steven Cahillane is also handling the role of company’s President and Chairman of Board. In his previous roles, he served as company’s Director as well. Before Kellogg’s, Mr. Steven also had worked with Alphabet Holding Company and The Coca-Cola Company in different senior roles. Further more in this article, we have provided Mr. Steven Cahillane’s mailing address info, email address, salary, net worth and more important contact information.

Steve Cahillane
Steve Cahillane, Photo Credit: M. Spencer Green | AP

Email Address

To share your concerns or to contact Mr. Steven Cahallane, you can write him at his official email address. Please note down the official email address of Kellogg CEO Steve Cahillane Email Address: steven.cahillane@kellogg.com. Please feel free to share your matters or suggestions concerning company’s products or other official matters on this email.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

To reach Mr. Steven Cahillane, you can also  post your request or share your concern by mail. Please note down the mailing address of his Office i.e. Kellogg’s Headquarters: 1 Kellogg Square, Battle Creek MI 49017, USA.

You may also leave your message for him on the official phone line or if you  may get lucky get in touch with him on the given phone number:1-269-961-2000.

Net Worth

The total Net Worth of Mr. Steven A Cahillane is approximately $19.2 Million dollars as per the updated data filed as of 2 October 2020. His total Net Worth includes his stocks value and the amount of total compensation drawn as CEO of the company.


The total compensation received by Mr. Steven Cahillane as Kellogg’s Chairman and CEO is $9,694,223. Out of this total compensation, $1,268,261is salary, $1,938,000 is bonus, $1,778,350 is the value of stock options, $4,524,120 is stock awards and $185,492 is the income from other types of compensation.


Mr. Steven’s did his bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in Political Science. He did his MBA from Harvard Business School.


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