May 30, 2024

ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish Email Address, Salary, Net Worth and Education

ViacomCBS is an international media and entertainment multi-industry company headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States. This broadcasting company is presently under the adept leadership of its President and CEO Mr. Robert Marc Bakish who is recognized as one of the most prominent and revered figures in the entertainment industry. In 1997, he joined Viacom, the parent company, in a leadership position as Vice president.

Mr. Bakish’s outstanding performance and track record in the industry not only earned him huge recognition and respect but also helped him climb several ranks in his career. After garnering enough experience in this sector, he was signed as the President and CEO of Viacom on December 4, 2019. Are you interested in Mr. Bakshi’s contact details? Find more about him such as his email address, salary, net worth, and education in the coming sections of this article.

Bob Bakish
Bob Bakish, Photo Credit: Celeste Sloman for Variety

Email Address

Are you curious to know ViacomCBS’s CEO Mr. Robert Bakish’s official email address? Here in this part of the article, you’ll find his email address. You can get in touch with Mr. Robert Bakish, and send him your suggestions or concerns that need his interventions by sending emails at his official email address:


According to available data filed for the year 2019, Mr. Bakish made $23,990,412 in total compensation for holding the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at ViacomCBS Inc. This total compensation amount includes $3,000,000 as salary, $7,910,000 as bonus, $5,000,003 as stock options, $8,001,677 awarded as stock and $78,732 as various types of compensation.

Net Worth

Are you interested to know Mr. Bob Bakish’s net worth? As per the updated data info given as of 26th July 2021, it’s around $24.2 Million dollars.

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Mr. Bakish grew up in New Jersey and completed his schooling from the same place; he graduated from Dwight-Eaglewood School in 1981. Later he completed his Bachelor of Science in the year 1985 in Engineering and Applied Science from Columbia University. He went on to Columbia Business School to earn an MBA degree, graduating in the year 1989.


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