February 22, 2024

Philip Morris International CEO Jacek Olczak Email Address, Salary, Net Worth and Education

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) is a reputed Swiss-American multinational company dealing with tobacco and cigarettes. It is famous for being one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. Marlboro, one of the widely popular cigarette brands, is owned and manufactured by Philip Morris. 56 years old Mr. Jacek Olczak is the present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this leading multinational tobacco company.

Mr. Olczak was designated as the CEO of Philip Morris International Inc. this year in the month of May. He has been a reputed employee of PMI since 1993 holding a number of leadership positions. Mr. Olczak started his career journey working with Binder Dijker Otte but soon got an appointment to work with PMI in the finance and administration department of the Polish branch. In this article, we are providing detailed information about this esteemed person’s Net Worth, Salary, Email Address, and Education details.

Jacek Olczak
Jacek Olczak, Photo Credit: PMI

Email Address

Mr. Olczak is an enthusiastic and noteworthy industry leader who thoroughly believes in modern scientific innovations and is eager for business improvement by innovating the present portfolio.

If you have a concern or suggestion to share with PMI CEO Mr. Olczak, you can reach him at his official email address. Please find his email address: Jacek.Olczak@pmi.com. It is a humble appeal to you to contact for only paramount issues that would need Mr. Olczak’s attention.


Mr. Olczak was the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Phillip Morris International Inc. As he was promoted recently this year we have his salary record of his previous position. Therefore, the data we are sharing is according to the 2020 financial year.

As the COO of the largest tobacco company in the world, Mr. Olczak made $7,506,338 in total compensation. Out of that amount, he received $1,281,619 as his salary and $1,838,611 as a bonus. He received nothing in stock options but was awarded $4,371,767 as stock and $14,341 he received from various types of compensation.

Net Worth

The net worth of Mr. Jacek Olczak, as per data info submitted as of 19th august 2021, is nearly $8 million dollars.

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Mr. Olczak who belongs from Poland completed his graduation degree in Economics from the University of Łódź in his native country.


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