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Nike CEO John Donahoe Email Address, Salary, Net Worth, and More

Nike, Inc. is one of the largest sports apparel and equipment manufacturing companies in the world. The company’s headquarters are located near Beaverton, Oregon, Portland. The company is held by an American CEO Mr. John Donahoe. He is also representing the company’s board of directors. He is appointed as Nike’s CEO and President in January 2020.

His earlier work experiences include his services with Bain & Company as company’s president and CEO. He spent 20 years of his career with the company. He also served as President and CEO of ServiceNow and eBay. Are you searching for Mr. John Donahoe’s Total compensation as Nike’s CEO? If yes, you can refer the coming sections of this article. We have provided information regarding Nike CEO salary, net worth, Email and more.

John Donahoe
John Donahoe, Photo Credit: Reuters/Stephen Lam

Email Address

If you have query or concern regarding company’s services or decision of top level management, you can freely send an email mentioning your concern to Nike CEO John Donahoe. Please take a note of the Email Address: john.donahoe@nike.com. You can also share your concerns which are not resolved up to your expectations by the Customer Care Division.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

Are you planning to share your concern by mail? You can use the mentioned address of Nike Corporate Headquarters as CEO John Donahoe’s mailing address. Please take a note of the complete address for mailing purposes: Nike Corporate Headquarters, 1 Bowerman Dr., Beaverton, OR, 97005.

To get in touch with him or his office staff, you can call at the given corporate headquarters phone number:
(503) 671-6453.


The total compensation received by John Donahoe is US$53,499,980. This total amount includes cash salary US$548,077 plus Option Awards US$23,241,515, Stock Awards US$21,275,073, Bonus and US$6,750,000 as All Other Compensation US$1,685,315

Net Worth

Mr. John Donahoe is one of the richest CEO’s in the world.  As per the latest information available as of May 2020, the total net worth of CEO John J Donahoe is approximately $134 Million dollars. Along with his roles and responsibilities at Nike, he is also at the board of The Bridgespan Group and is also handling the position of Chairman at PayPal. 


Are you looking for Mr. John Donahoe’s educational background? If yes, then here it is , he did his graduation from New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois in the year 1978. After this, he did bachelor’s degree in economics from Dartmouth College, and then MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Article first published on January 6, 2021.


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