May 30, 2024

MGM Resorts International CEO William Hornbuckle Email Address, Salary, Net Worth and Education

Mr. William J. Hornbuckle IV, famously known as Bill Hornbuckle is currently chairing the position of the President, the Chief Executive Officer, and the Director at MGM Resorts International. MGM Resorts International, headquartered in Las Vegas, is an American Hospitality and Entertainment company with its presence all over the world.

Mr. Hornbuckle was entitled as the Chief Executive Officer of MGM Resorts International in the year 2020, prior to which he was positioned as the President in the same company. He has earned experience of working in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas for 30 long years. Find many more details about MGM Resorts International’s executive in the coming section of this article.

Email Address

Mr. Hornbuckle is a very prominent figure in the casinos and gaming industry. As of now, we do not have any updated email address detail of Mr. William J Hornbuckle CEO of MGM Resorts International. Please stay in touch with our website for the updated info. We will update the information at the earliest.


According to the available data filed for the 2020 fiscal year, Mr. Hornbuckle, the Chief Executive Officer and the President of MGM Resorts International made $13,988,135 in total compensation for holding this position. Let’s understand the breakup of this total compensation.

This total compensation amount consists of $1,174,590 as salary, $825,000 as bonus, $11,942,950 awarded as stock and $45,595 as various types of compensation.

Net Worth

Mr. Hornbuckle chairs the executive position of one of the largest companies in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Are you interested to know more about his net worth? Keep reading the following section to know more.

As per the updated data info given as of 18 August 2021, Mr. Hornbuckle’s net worth is calculated to be around $27 million dollars.


Mr. Bill Hornbuckle has been in the hospitality industry for a long time. Before being associated with the MGM group, he worked with The Mirage Resorts. He attended college in Connecticut but due to his keen interest in the hospitality industry, he soon left to pursue his career in Hotel Administration. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).


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