May 30, 2024

Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel Email Address, Salary and More

Booking Holdings Inc. is a famous online travel company. The company headquarters is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. Mr. Glenn D. Fogel is currently handling the position of company’s CEO and President. He began his work journey with Booking Holdings Inc. in the year 2000.

Before the role of CEO, he was serving Booking Holdings Inc. as Head of Worldwide Strategy and Planning and Executive Vice President of the Corporate Development Division. Mr. Glenn started his career as Investment Banker in the Air Transportation Industry. Further in this section you can get information about Mr. Glenn‘s mailing address, phone number, email address, education, salary and more. Let’s get to the details!

Glenn Fogel
Glenn Fogel, Photo Credit: Bloomberg

Mailing Address and Phone Number

He became the CEO of the company in the year 2017.  He is also heading similar roles in the subsidiary companies of Booking Holdings and other digital brands like, OpenTable, etc. To share your concerns, messages or other official correspondence, you can send them at the given mailing address, please take a note of the details: Postbus 1639, 1000 BP Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mr. Glenn values suggestions and feedback of company’s users and other well wishers and the same will be considered and reverted (if required) at the earliest.

To share your concern you can also call at the office phone of Booking Holdings, please note down the Phone number to connect with him or leave him a message: 31-70-770-3884.

Email Address

To share your concern, you can also send it to him by email. We suggest an email as it is one of the most convenient modes of communication. Please write to CEO Glenn Fogel at this Email Address:


For serving the post of Booking Holdings Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer, the salary received by Mr. Glenn is $ 750000. The total compensation received by Mr. Glenn as company’s CEO and president is $14,768,526 which includes the above mentioned salary amount plus $14,000,605 stock awards value plus $17,921 as other types of compensation.

Net Worth

Please stay in touch with our webpage for the updated info, as of now we do not have the details about Mr. Glenn’s Net Worth.

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Moving to Mr. Glenn Fogel’s educational background, he did his graduation from Harvard Law School and did his Bachelor of Science from the University of Pennsylvan in Economics degree.


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