May 30, 2024

Bank of New York Mellon CEO Thomas P Gibbons Email Address, Salary, and Net Worth

Bank of New York Mellon or also known with its abbreviated name BNY Mellon is one of the largest custodian bank and asset serving companies in the world. The company has its headquarters base at New York. The company’s CEO position is held by Mr. Thomas Todd Gibbons. He began working with Bank of New York in the year 1986.

With Bank of New York he held several leadership roles like CFO, Head of Global Treasury and many other positions. Mr. Gibbons also had worked at Handy and Harman as assistant treasurer. He is also one of the members of BNY Mellon’s Executive Company. In this section, we have provided his contact information like his mailing address, email and phone. Also you can find info about his salary and net worth. So let’s get to the details.

Thomas P Gibbons
Thomas P Gibbons, Photo Credit: Bank of New York Mellon

Mailing Address and Phone Number

Before serving as company’s CEO, Mr. Gibbons served at BNY Mellon as Vice Chairman and CEO of Client Management, Clearing and Markets. Here we have provided the mailing address of BNY Mellon headquarters, please note down the details: 225 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10286, USA. You can use the given address details as mailing address of Mr. Thomas Gibbons.

To get in touch with Mr. Thomas Gibbons, you may try connecting him on the office mail line or leave your message with Officials for him. Please take a note of the phone number: (212) 495-1784.


The total compensation received by Mr. Gibbons as CEO of Bank of New York Mellon is $11998326. The total compensation amount includes salary $800000, bonus $1609688, stocks $9531679 stock awards and other types of compensation amount $56959. The salary breakup given here is based on the data filed for the year 2019.

Email Address

To write to Mr. Thomas Gibbons, you can forward your requests or other concerns at his official email address, please note it down: We suggest you to write high priority matters and important mails only on this email address.

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Net Worth

The total Net Worth of Mr. Thomas P Gibbons is approximately $45.7 Million dollars. The details given here is as per data submitted as of year 2019.


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