July 19, 2024

HCA Healthcare CEO Samuel N. Hazen Email Address, Salary, and More

Sam Hazen is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HCA Healthcare. He became the CEO of the company in the year 2019. Prior to heading the position of CEO of the company, he also assumed the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. Hazen also served in different senior roles within the company for quite a long period of approximately four to five years.

Prior to HCA Healthcare, Mr. Hazen served at Western Group as Chief Financial Officer. Along with this, Mr. Hazen is also on the Board of Directors for the Nashville Health Care Council, HCA Healthcare Foundation and Federation of American Hospitals. If you are looking for Mr. Hazen’s contact information, you are at the right section. In this section you can have details regarding his contact address details, email address, phone number, education credential and more.

Samuel Hazen
Samuel Hazen

Email Address

To contact Mr. Samuel N. Hazen who is the CEO of HCA Healthcare, we suggest communication through email. You can share your concern by email, please note down the official Email Address of Samuel Hazen: samuel.hazen@hcahealthcare.com

Mailing Address and Phone Number

To send him your message you can also share you letter by mail. Here we have provided the Mailing address of his Office HCA Healthcare. You can contact his office at this address or share your concerns by mail: One Park Plaza, Nashville, TN 37203.

You can also get in touch with his office on phone, please note down the phone number: (615) 344-9551.

Net Worth

Coming to one of the most interesting sections – net worth of Company’s  CEO, continue reading here. As per the updated data as on November 3, 2020, the total net worth of Mr. Samuel Hazen is approximately $127 million dollars.


As per the latest data by Shareholder Statement of Hospital Chain’s 2020, the total compensation received by Mr. Hazen made is approximately $26.8 million. This amount also includes his income from stock awards, benefits from bonuses and pensions.


About Mr. Hazen’s academic credentials, he did his bachelor’s degree in Finance from University of Kentucky. He did his MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration) from University of Nevada Las Vegas.


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