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AT&T CEO John Stankey Net Worth, Email Address, Salary and More

AT&T is world’s one of the largest conglomerate holding companies engaged in provision of telecommunications and technology, mass media related services. The company headquarters are based out of Dallas, Texas, United States. Currently, the post of CEO of the company is held by Mr. John T Stankey. Before joining AT&T, Mr. John T Stankey was associated with SBC Communications, which got merged with AT&T in 2005.

He joined the post of CEO of the company in July, 2020. Prior to the position CEO, John T Stankey held many positions in company, like he became company’s CSO and Group President in year 2012 and CEO of AT & T Entertainment Group in 2015. Are you looking for Mr. John T Stankey’s Ne Worth and Salary Details? If yes, you are at the right page as we have compiled the detailed information about John T Stankey Net Worth, total Compensation, Contact Email, Credentials and Company’s Mailing Address. Let’s get to the details.

John Stankey
John Stankey, Photo Credit: Ben Baker (Variety)

Net Worth

Let’s take a look at the Net Worth value of John T Stankey. The total Net Worth of CEO of AT&T John T Stankey is approximately $24.6 Million dollars as per data available for January 2020.

Mr. John T Stankey holds about 76,755 stock units of AT&T with valuation of approximately $2,172,167. As CEO of the company he also gets a compensation of $22,473,000 from AT&T Corporation.


Mr. John T Stankey receives the total compensation of $22,473,000 for heading the post of CEO (Chief Executive Officer), President and Director of AT&T.

CEO Email Address

You may get in touch CEO John T Stankey by email. Feel free to share your concerns that need his interference or discretion and also for important approvals on the given email address. Please note down the Official Chief Executive Officer CEO John T Stankey Email Address: js9991@att.com.

You can also write to him on this alternate email address: john.stankey@att.com. It is our suggestion to share only important and urgent issues only on these email addresses. General Inquiries may not be entertained.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

If you are looking for AT&T Mailing Address, please refer the given details: 208 S. Akard Street, Dallas, Texas. You can send all your important documents or official papers on this mailing address.

For your reference we are also including the Phone Number, please note down the phone number: (210) 821-4105. You can contact Officers at Headquarters on the given phone number.


About John Stankey Credentials, he did his graduation (BA in Finance) from Loyola Marymount University and MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Article first published on November 12, 2020.


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