June 16, 2024

Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern Email Address, Salary, and Net Worth

Expedia Group, Inc. is a leading online travel shopping company. Some of the popular travel search engines of Expedia Group are Hotels.com, Travelocity, CarRentals.com, Trivago, Vrbo and Orbitz. Expedia is a publicly traded company and is registered with NASDAQ with stock name EXPE. Mr. Peter Kern is the current CEO and Vice Chairman of Expedia Group. Before the role of company’s CEO, he held the position of Director of the company.

Mr. Peter Kern has assumed several leadership roles and senior positions in different companies before joining Expedia. Let’s take a brief of some of his previous roles, so he served as CEO of Tribune Media, Senior Managing Director at Alpine Capital LLC, Home Shopping Network and more. In this section, we have provided contact details of Mr. Peter Kern along with the details of salary, net worth and more. So, let’s see!

Peter Kern
Peter Kern, Photo Credit: PhocusWire

Email Address

If you have a suggestion for Mr. Peter Kern or wish to share any concern, you can share it by email. Please share your concern and suggestions with Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern on the given official email address: pekern@expediagroup.com.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

In this section you can find the headquarters address of Expedia Group. If you wish to share your concern or other important documents with Mr. Peter Kern, you can send them at Expedia’s Mailing Address. Please take a note of the complete mailing address: Expedia Group, 1111 Expedia Group Way West, Seattle WA 98119, USA.

For prompt response to your concern or suggestions, you may also get in touch with Mr. Peter Kern on Phone. Please note down the official phone number of Expedia Group Headquarters: 1-206-481-7200.

Net Worth

On the basis of updated data filed as on June 2020, the total net worth of Peter M Kern is approximately $15.1 Million dollars.


As per the available info filed for year 2018, the total salary received by M. Peter Kern for heading the position of Chief Executive Officer at Tribune Media was $8,411,000. This total compensation included the salary amount $2,400,000, bonus $6,000,000 and other types of compensation amount $11,000.


About his educational background, Mr. Peter Kern did B.S from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.


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