June 15, 2024

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone Email Address, Salary, and Net Worth

eBay is one of the most popular and trusted e-commerce portal. eBay Inc. has its headquarters base located in San Jose, California. eBay is also registered with NASDAQ with ticker name EBAY. If you are looking for its stocks you can follow the symbol EBAY. If you are looking for eBay CEO’s contact information, continue reading here.

The company is under fine execution of Mr. Jamie Iannone. Mr. Jamie Iannone is heading the post of company’s CEO and President. He was appointed as company’s CEO and president in 2020. Prior to eBay, Mr. Jamie Iannone served at Epinions and Booz Hamilton. He also has served as Executive Vice president at Barnes& Noble and Sam’s Club. Continue scrolling to get info about his mailing address, email, salary, net worth and more.

Jamie Iannone
Jamie Iannone, Photo Credit: eBay Inc.

Email Address

Before the role of company’s CEO and president, Mr. Jamie held several other leadership and senior positions with in the compnay for approximately 8 years.  If you are looking for Mr. Jamie Iannone contacts, you can send him your request on his official email address. Please note down the eBay CEO Jamie Iannone Email Address: jiannone@ebay.com.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

If you are looking for Mr. Jamie Iannone’s mailing address, you can send him your mails and other documents at the given address of his office. Please note down the Headquarters Mailing Address: 2025 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose CA 95125, United States. Please do not hesitate to send in your letters or messages addressing to Mr. Jamie Iannone at the above mentioned address.

You can also get in touch with CEO Mr. Jamie Iannone on Phone, here is the phone number you can use to get in touch with his office: 1.408.376.7400.

Net Worth

As of now we do not have the details of Mr. Jamie Iannone’s net worth, we request you to keep in touch with our webpage for the updates.


As per the details, Mr. Iannone’s total annual package includes base salary $1,000,000, target bonus opportunity which will be calculated as 200% of base salary ( $.5 minimum bonus payment for year 2020), annual equity awards ( grant date value of $12,000,000,  40% restricted stock units and 60% performance-based restricted stock units ).

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Coming to Mr. Iannone’s educational background, he did his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Princeton University. He did his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


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