October 29, 2020
Amazon Headquarters

Amazon Board of Directors Executives Salary, and Compensation

Amazon Board of Directors makes good money and enjoys good reputation too. In last one decade, Amazon Inc. gained much market share in several markets including Asia, Europe and other smaller countries. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Amazon Inc. Jeff want to create world’s largest customer centric company by offering world-class customer support. When you buy products online on Amazon, you don’t need to worry about after sales-services and support, this is one of the advantages of Amazon Inc.

Jeff Bezos is leading the company since May 1996. He has spent countless hours to make customers more happy and satisfying, report says. Let’s see salary and compensation of Amazon Inc., how much money they earns?

Amazon Headquarters
Amazon Headquarters

Amazon.com Inc. Board of Directors Compensation for 2018

Amazon Inc. do not pay cash compensation or base salary to directors work for them. However, they pay good money (expenses) incurred for attending board meetings and other important events. This compensation information is obtained from SEC filing.

  • Jeffrey P. Bezos(2) – US$0
  • Tom A. Alberg(3) – US$0
  • John Seely Brown(4) – US$0
  • Jamie Gorelick(5) – US$952,741
  • Daniel P. Huttenlocher(6) – US$0
  • Judith A. McGrath(7) – US$0
  • Jonathan J. Rubinstein(3) – US$0
  • Thomas O. Ryder(3) – US$0
  • Patricia Q. Stonesifer(3) – US$0
  • Wendell P. Weeks(8) – US$0

Amazon Inc. Executives Salary and Compensations Fiscal Year Ended in 2019

Jeffrey P. Bezos – Chief Executive Officer, Director (US$1.68 million)

The CEO of Amazon Inc. Jeff Bezos earned US$1,681,840 as a total compensation (2018) including base salary US$$81,840, equity / stock rewards US$0, and other compensation US$1,600,000.

Jeffrey A. Wilke – CEO Worldwide Consumer (US$19.72 million)

The CEO (Worldwide Consumer) Jeffrey Wilke earned US$19,722,047 as a total compensation base salary US$175,000,
equity / stock rewards US$19,466,434 and other compensation US$80,613.

Andrew R. Jassy – CEO Amazon Web Services (US$19.73 million)

The Chief Executive Officer (Amazon Web Services) earned US$19,732,666 as a total compensation including base salary US$175,000, equity / stock rewards US$19,466,434 and other compensation US$91,232.

Brian T. Olsavsky – SVP and Chief Financial Officer (US$6.93 million)

The Senior Vice President and CFO of Amazon Inc. Brian Olsavsky earned US$6,933,349 as a total compensation including base salary US$160,000, equity / stock rewards US$6,770,149, and other compensation US$3,200.

Jeffrey M. Blackburn – SVP, Business Development

The Senior Vice President (Business Development) of Amazon Inc. Jeffrey Blackburn earned US$10,399,662 as a total compensation including base salary US$175,000, equity / stock rewards US$10,221,162 and other compensation US$3,500.

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