June 16, 2024

Publix Super Markets CEO Todd Jones Email Address, Salary, Net Worth, and Education

Publix Super Markets Inc. is one of the largest and fast pacing employee-owned supermarket chains in the United States. Mr. Randall T. Jones is currently serving as CEO of Publix Super Markets Inc. Before the role of CEO of company, Mr. Randall T. Jones served as has been the President of Publix Super Markets Inc. He is a veteran employee of Publix Super Markets Inc. with about 38 years of work journey.

Mr. Randall T. Jones started his career in the year 1980 as front Service Clerk. He is married and resides with his family in Lakeland. Are you searching for Randall’s Salary as one of the oldest employee of the company? If yes, this article is the end to your search for important information regarding Mr. Randall T. Jones. Find in this article, Mr. Randall T. Jones’s email address, salary, net worth and education. Let’s begin with the details from here!

Todd Jones
Todd Jones, Photo Credit: MoneyInc .com

Email Address

Here in this section, we have provided the email address of CEO of Publix Super Markets. The position is held by Mr. Randall T. Jones. Please take note of the Email Address: todd.jones@publix.com.

The given email address can be used for having important communication with the higher management or CEO of Publix Super Markets. Please do not post general inquiries or questions on this email address rather get in touch with the designated department or the customer support team foe them.


Let’s take a look at the salary of Mr. Randall T. Jones. As CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Publix Super Markets Inc., the total compensation drawn by Mr. Randall T. Jones is $2,709,019.

Let’s see the breakup of this total, so of this total compensation, $2,158,270 is the salary, $359,791 is the amount of bonus and $190,958 is the portion that came from other types of compensation. The given financial credentials are based on the info filed as for fiscal year 2019.

Net Worth

Mr. Randall T. Jones is one of the oldest employees at Publix. Currently, we do not have the information about his total net worth. Please keep in touch with our web page for updates.

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Coming to the education of Randall Todd, he did not hold any formal college degree but he has done a course in International Supermarket from Cornell University.


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