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General Motors CEO Mary Barra Salary, Email Address, Net Worth, and More

General Motors is one of the most trusted and renowned automobile manufacturing companies in the world. The company headquarters are based out of Detroit, United States. The company is running under fabulous execution of CEO Mary T Barra since January 15, 2014. She is also heading the post of Chairman of the company. Mary T Barra is the first woman to become the CEO of a leading automobile company (General Motors).

She also served the company (General Motors) as executive vice president for Supply Chain, Purchase and Global Product Development before joining as the CEO of the company. Mary T Barra is one of the highest paid CEO’s and is also listed on 35th position in Forbes list of Most Powerful Women in the world. In this section you can explore more about CEO May T Barra net worth, education, salary, email address and more. So, let’s get to the details!

Mary Barra
Mary Barra, Photo Credit: Qz .com

Net Worth

Mary T Barra is counted as one of the most powerful women in the world on the basis of her net worth and compensation received by the company. Mary T Barra owns approximately 39095 stock options which can be valued at $39,740,457. Over this she is one of the highest paid CEO’s in the world. The total Net Worth of Mary T Barra is approximately $61.7 Million.


Mary T Barra is the first women CEO and Chairman of General Motors Company. She is also one of the highest paid Chairman and CEO in the similar industry. Her total salary as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors Co is $21,327,881.

If we see the breakup, out of this total salary $2,100,000 is the portion of salary plus $2,730,000 bonus, $3,525,000 stock options, $12,141,801 and $831,080 as stock award and other types of compensation.

CEO Email Address

If you have concern that needs CEO of the company’s approval or discretion, you can connect with Mary T. Barra on his official email address. Please take a note of CEO Email Address: mary.barra@gm.com.

If you have a general query or complaint, please contact company’s customer service numbers. Only emails related to urgent and high priority matters will be responded on the above mentioned email address.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

Have a suggestion or query to share? You can send all your important correspondence to General Motors Company Mailing Address. Here we have mentioned the mailing address and phone number of the company for your reference. Please take a note of company’s mailing address: General Motors Company, P.O. BOX 33170. Detroit, MI 48232-5170.

Please take note of corporate office phone number: 1-313-667-1500 if you wish to speak to officers at Corporate Office.


Here you can know about Mary T Barra Education, she did her Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering (BS) from Kettering University and her Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA) from Stanford University.

Article first published on November 20, 2020.


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