September 27, 2023

Lumen Technologies CEO Jeff Storey Email Address, Salary, Net Worth and Education

Jeff Storey is leading the company as the chief executive officer. Lumen Technologies is engaged in the business of Multi-Cloud Management, Network, Phone, TV and More and headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, United States. They have a good market share in the US and probably around the world. They are growing their customer based rapidly in the US and other markets. Jeff Storey is working as the current CEO since 2018.

The most of the times, the customers of Lumen Technologies are happy with the customer support and product. However, a few times, they don’t get satisfactory resolution at the customer support department or other higher offices. So, they always wanted to contact the CEO of Lumen Technologies to inform about their query and issue. In addition to this, they also wanted to know CEO’s salary, net worth and education. So, let’s see this important information ahead!

Email Address

It might be difficult for anyone to find a large company’s CEO email address easily and quickly. After our careful research and hard work, we got the email address of Lumen Technologies CEO Please share your concern, issue, or important information with the company’s highest executive. But please avoid any unnecessary enquiries, asking for basic information or any naughty reactions. Jeff Storey email address can only be used to send important inquiries, or essential issues faced by you.

Please avoid any confronting emails to the CEO. They are mostly likely try to solve each and every customer’s queries quickly.


It may be difficult for any normal person to find information about the company’s CEO salary and compensation. We have obtained this information from the trusted source only. The salary and compensation of Lumen Technologies Jeff Storey is $17,235,100. The salary of any large companies changes each year. We will try to update this section as and when possible with trusted data.

Net Worth

Did you know? The net worth of Jeff Storey is $143 Million, as per the latest information available to us on 2019. However, we can’t have accurate and exact net worth of any executive. This is an approx. net worth according to our available information to us.


Education and experience plays an important role in anyone’s career. Jeff Storey received a bachelor’s degree in engineering, physics and mathematics (Northeastern State University) and a Master’s degree in telecommunications systems (Southern Methodist University).


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