June 16, 2024

How much do Apple board of directors get paid?

How much do Apple board of directors get paid?

Apple’s non-employee directors each receive approximately $250,000 worth of restricted stock units per year, which are granted at the annual shareholder meeting and vest on Feb. 1 of the following year.

Non-employee directors also receive an annual cash retainer of $100,000. The board chair receives an additional $200,000; the audit committee chair receives an additional $35,000; the compensation committee chair receives an additional $30,000, and the nominating committee chair receives an additional $25,000.

Rounding out the list of Apple’s highest-paid directors were Wagner at $379,000, Lozano at $368,900, Gore at $362,100 and Bell at $353,600.

Who is the highest paid employee at Apple?

The average Apple executive compensation is $235,778 a year. Apple’s highest paid executives include: Johny Srouji $24,162,390 and Daniel J. Riccio $24,146,050. Comparably has 2 executive salary records from Apple employees including job titles like VP of Sales, VP of Engineering, and VP of Advertising.

How much do you make on the board of directors?

As I mentioned, compensation for publicly-held and privately-held companies is greatly dependent upon the size of that company and may range anywhere from $75,000 to $500,000 a year. For publicly-held boards, this amount is usually divided between cash and stock or stock options.

What is the salary of CEO of Apple?

The $1.39 million compensation includes $712,488 private jet travel, $630,630 for security, $23,077 for vacations, term life insurance premiums worth $2,964 and $17,400 contribution to his 401 (k) plan. Combine all of this and Cook draws a total of over $98 million from the company.

How many hours do board of directors work?

To function effectively, a board will need its members to work about eight hours a month on board commitments. Some months board-related work will require more time than others, especially if a special event is being planned or a board retreat is being held. Other months may require no time at all.

How long do people stay on the board of directors?

Typically, term limits for board members are spelled out in an organization’s bylaws. For nonprofit organizations, BoardSource recommends two consecutive three-year terms. For for-profit corporate boards, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) recommends board term limits of 10 to 15 years.

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