April 14, 2024

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri Email Address, Salary, Net Worth and Education

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Company is the split company of Hewlett Packard (HP). It is a newly established Information Technology (IT) company with its headquarters in Texas, United States. This IT Company is presently under the able leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Antonio Neri who is an Argentinian- American businessperson. He is an accomplished professional with diversified skill sets and proficient in multiple languages– English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Mr. Antonio Fabio Neri was born on 10th May 1967 in Argentina and began his career in Italy working for an IT company. Later, in the year of 1995, he relocated to Amsterdam to work for Hewlett Packard. He was always passionate about the IT industry and subsequently grew his expertise in this domain over the years. In the later part of this article, find detailed information about this highly accomplished industry leader’s Net Worth, Salary, Email Address, and Education details.

Antonio Neri
Antonio Neri, Photo Credit: HP Enterprise

Email Address

Mr. Neri has always been a technology admirer since his teenage years and is always enthusiastic about innovative ideas for improving his business. If you have a concern or suggestion to share with HPE CEO Mr. Neri, you can reach him at his official email address: antonio.neri@hpe.com.

It is a polite reminder to contact for only serious issues that would require Mr. Neri and his team’s involvement.


The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company’s current President and CEO Mr. Neri has been at the helm of Hewlett Packard for a long time. In February 2018, he signed as the first Latino CEO of HPE and simultaneously joined the Board of Directors.

Spearheading one of the largest IT Corporations in the United States, Mr. Neri made $13,451,026 in total compensation. Out of that amount, he received $1,077,083 as his salary, $1,332,450 as bonus, $10,811,086 as stock awards, and $1,601,227 from various types of compensation.

The data we are sharing here is according to the financial year ending in 2020.

Net Worth

As stated in the updated data info submitted as of 10th December 2020, the total net worth of Mr. Antonio Neri has been evaluated to be nearly $43.6 million dollars.


Mr. Neri completed his engineering in Electronics and Technology from National Technological University, which is one of the top engineering schools in Argentina. He was always very passionate about engineering; during his military training, which he started at the age of 15, he worked as a trainee for Argentina Navy repairing ship’s radar and sonar systems.

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Mr. Neri is a very energetic and multitalented person- apart from his inclination towards technology he also takes a keen interest in the arts.


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