May 22, 2024

Visa Inc. CEO Alfred F Kelly Jr Email Address, Salary, and Net Worth

Visa Inc. is one of the most popular and trusted multinational financial services corporations in the world. The company headquarters is located California, United States. Visa is a publicly traded company and its stocks can be found with stock symbol V registered with NYSE. Mr. Alfred F Kelly is the current CEO of the company. Mr. Kelly was appointed as company’s CEO in the year 2016; he is also serving as Chairman of Board of Visa Inc. since April 2019.

Mr. Alfred Kelly has a vast experience in the financial industry. His maximum work tenure was with American Express where he served for about 23 years in several leadership and senior roles. Before joining Visa Inc., Mr. Alfred Kelly was heading the post of CEO and president of a private company called Intersection (a technology and digital media company based out of New York City. In this section we have compiled information about Mr. Alfred Kelly’s mailing address, phone number, email address, salary, net worth and more. Let’s get to the details!

Alfred F Kelly Jr
Alfred F Kelly Jr

Email Address

To email your concerns, suggestions or wishes to Mr. Alfred Kelly, you can use the official email address mentioned here. Please take a note of the official email address of Visa Inc. CEO Alfred F Kelly:

Mailing Address and Phone Number

If you are planning to share your concern, suggestions or wishes by mail, you can send them addressing to CEO Mr. Alfred Kelly at his office address which is Visa Inc. Headquarters base in San Francisco. Please note down the complete mailing address of Visa Inc. Headquarters: One Market Plaza, San Francisco CA 94105, USA.

To get in touch with Visa top level officials on phone, you may call at the given Corporate Phone Line: 1-650-432-3200. You may call at the given number to get connected to Mr. Alfred Kelly or leave your message for him.


The total compensation drawn by Mr. Alfred Kelly as CEO and Chairman of Visa Inc. is  $24,265,771. This amount includes his salary $1,400,059, bonus $4,270,000, stock options $4,312,489, stock awards $14,246,423 and other types of compensation amounting to $36,800. Please note the given info is based on the data furbished as for the year 2019.

Net Worth

Apart from heading the leadership roles at Visa Inc., Mr. Alfred Kelly is also serving as board of directors of various companies like Visa and Catalyst, Archdiocese of New York and more. His total net worth is approximately $53.3 million dollars as per the data filed as on  31 December 2020.


About his education, Mr. Alfred did Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer and Information Science. He did his MBA (Masters of Business Administration degree) from Iona College.


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